Radiant Hero Vassals: Resurgence

Trouble in Nexus

RHV:R S1 Episode 2

The group explores the tunnels underneath Nighthammer and soon discover a manse protected by several automata. After defeating the guardians, the group finally meets the girl – Free Spirited Arvia, who then tells them that the manse was her home. Suspicions about the deal made with Artemesia then arise as it appears that the "rescue" was not needed after all. Arvia decides to accompany the group after the entrance collapsed due to their previous battle with the guardians, and immediately takes a liking to the friendly Fuuma Raya.
As the group navigates its way back topside they stumble upon a fae freehold, the residence of the twins Lily and Lilac. An attempt was made by Lily to exchange Arvia for safe passage through their freehold, an offer rejected by the Solars. After several attempts, the group managed to return to Nexus' Firewander district safely. Outside the district, they were then met by a mercenary group working for one of the Guild's Heirarchs – Dvora Odom.
Dvora then informed them about Arvia's importance and her destiny: as the daughter of the city god, she has the potential to be the future goddess of Nexus. She then explains Artemesia's plot to sell Arvia to the highest bidder, and the forces willing to obtain the most important bargaining chip that they can ever have against the city god of Nexus. She then entrusted Arvia to the group's safekeeping, and the group returned to Dreamer's manor in Bastion district. The group managed to fend off a group of cultists who wanted Arvia for their mistress, who calls herself "Lady Death". Further questioning by Bellicose Omen revealed that this woman is a deathknight.
Meanwhile, Lily's sister Lilac lost her patience in acquiring Arvia and decided to lead a Wyld incursion into the city. The Firewarden district became a battlefield, with the Nexus mercenary companies routed in the initial confrontation, resulting to the group dividing between guarding Arvia and dealing with the Fairfolk threat. Omen, Dreamer, and Maiden assisted in repelling Lilac's forces by rallying the mercenaries and eventually killing her. After the battle, the three return tired but victorious to Dreamer's manor.
The celebration was short lived however, as it was soon discovered that Arvia was missing, along with Dreamer's pet cat Cyrus. Furthermore, the group discovered in their horror that a massacre had taken place in Dreamer's backyard. Bodies of Dreamer's staff were found dismembered and scattered across the lawn. Omen immediately requested that the city be locked down, in order to keep Arvia's kidnapper within the city. 
Word came in later that evening that one of the Solar tombs in Nexus has been breached by an unknown intruder.



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