Radiant Hero Vassals: Resurgence

The Sun Rises in the East

RHV:R Episode 1

The tale begins when an invitation was sent to four individuals in Nexus: Sapphire Blossom -proprietress of the famous brothel Dreaming Palace of Desire, Sapphire's ward Fuuma Raya, Bellicose Omen of Triumphant Silence -a private investigator, and Dreamer In the Wandering Abyss -renowned businesswoman and breeder of exotic hearth cats. The invitation came from Artemesia Sapphire, the newest councilor of Nexus. There the councilor informed them that they have been selected due to the fact that they possess incredible talents (an indicator that the Council of Entities have been keeping an eye on the Solars in Nexus). In exchange for favors as well as a "reasonable reward", they undertook a request from her to rescue a young girl from the depths of the city. Together with an silent girl named Maiden of Night and Mist, they headed down through a slag shaft in Nighthammer, in which a foiled ambush was made by a mysterious assassin.



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