Free Spirited Arvia

god blooded daughter of Nexus


Free Spirited Arvia is the pinnacle of ideal beauty in Nexus. She is as beautiful as when the Unconquered Sun rises over the eastern horizon, with hair the color of the blazing sun’s rays skipping off the twin rivers surrounding the city’s peninsula. She is a spunky, free young woman with tenacity, veracity and a tiny hint of lusciousness about her. Unfortunately for those who would call her friend, Arvia can also be just as moody as turbulent Nexus


Born in the squalor of a Guild slum, Arvia is unaware that she would not be alive if not for the actions of Hierarch Dvora. She was too young to remember when the Guildsmen loyal to Dvora smuggled her into old Hollow for safekeeping. Her father spent time with her as many evenings as he safely could (about twice a month), and she grew to know him and to a lesser extent, the Emissary of Nexus (whom she fondly calls “Uncle Emmie”). As a child, the manse handled Arvia’s formal education, while she occasionally attended children’s social activities in the Cinnabar district to ensure proper socialization. Nobody questioned where the child came from. She had money, and in Nexus, that’s all that matters. Neither her father nor the Emissary has visited Arvia in some time now, and she grew concerned. Free Spirited Arvia took several trips to the surface to find out what’s going on. She’s seen the squalor and suffering in the streets, and done what she can to help, using her father’s money. Unfortunately, while making the “nameless beauty” popular among some of the lower class, this is what led Lily and Lilac to realize Arvia’s father wasn’t watching. The god-blood is aware that the Guild and the Fair Folk are seeking her, but does not understand why. For the Guild, she can hazard a guess that it has to do with profit, but the Fair Folk confuse her, as they do most people in Creation.

Meeting the Solars

Free Spirited Arvia

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