The Burning Oriole Brigade

Mercenary Company - Nexus


The Burning Oriole Brigade is a medium infantry company in Nexus. They specialize in urban combat and house to house defense. Though not quite as heavily armed as the better known Bronze Pioneers they are frequently called upon by the Council and the Guild, especially when larger riots happen.

They also undertake the occasional work for guarding caravans through difficult areas and finding stolen items, when the said thieves are larger groups rather than individuals. They are known to be friendly with the myriad bounty hunters and other private investigators in Nexus.

Commander: B.O.B.

General Make Up: A talon of medium infantry armed with swords and bucklers with small cudgels on their belts,. 4 Fangs of medium infantry with tower shields and cudgels and a scale of archers in leather buff jackets with shorts swords on the side.

Overall Quality: Good
Magnitude: 2-3
Drill: Average
Might: 0
Uniform: Yellow and Black buff jackets with a small bird wreathed in flame.
Motto: Halt or burn!

The Burning Oriole Brigade

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