Veil of Ebon Blades

Day Caste Abyssal of the Walker in Darkness


She walks in Creation covered in body-length, black veils woven into her voluptuous, scarred body. She views herself as death personified, even wielding a large soulsteel scythe in combat. She keeps her head shaved clean so that she may wear her victim’s hair.

Veil is a woman obsessed. She will stop at nothing to follow her master’s orders and will let no other earn her master’s approval for this mission. She will stoop to any length to get her prey. She is not foolish and will not act rashly, but she will seize upon any weakness she perceives. Perhaps most disturbingly, this includes weaknesses of the flesh – she is able to temporarily restore her beauty, and is not afraid to pursue a target to either assassinate him or use him to get to her real goal. When facing other supernatural beings, Veil is cautious in her opening gambits. Her favored tactic, especially against foes who will rush into combat with her, is to catch them in a counterattack and slice any opponent within range.

Mortal Life

Once, Veil was a beautiful, healthy young woman, and she was happy running in the darkness of Nexus’ streets. She pursued the hidden, forbidden places of the city, against the decrees of the Council of Entities. She risked death several times as a little girl. From
forbidden Solar tombs to Guild warehouses, from Firewander to criminal underground, Veil had a knack for getting into places she didn’t belong. She was usually pretty good at getting away with it, too.
Pretty good is not perfect, however, and all it took was her getting caught once for some thing to mar her. Not a simple cut or scar, but a heavy mutilation of the left half of her body with fire and steel. The mutilation was painful and brutal as curses and blasphemies were carved into her flesh.
Veil survived and her body recovered, but everything about her innocent curiosity withered and died, replaced by the cruel husk of her vanity. She became a butcher under the streets. Torturing small animals at first, then transients and other people who would not be missed, Veil lost herself in the delight of death.

Dark Exaltation

Eventually, a mercenary company caught Veil and took her before the Council. She never said a word during her trial, and when the Council sentenced her to death by hanging and then drowning in the Yellow River, Veil only smiled. When asphyxiation had almost taken her, Veil heard the Walker of Darkness. She listened to his sweet promises and gave up her name. Darkness took her as she plunged into the river, born again in death.

Veil of Ebon Blades now serves the Walker of Darkness as one of his newer deathknights. She is completely loyal to him, and desperate in proving to her new liege and compatriots her dedication to the cause of the Neverborne.

The Mission to Nexus
Abduction of Arvia and Death

Veil of Ebon Blades

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