Dreamer In the Wandering Abyss

Business woman in Nexus seeking to take her craft to the highest level.


The Anti-Hero

Stands about five feet and four inches tall; picture the smooth oval face of Dreamer, her neatly pinned chignon silky green hair, the dress she would have been wearing: some of the basic features of a traditional Chinese clothing but sleeveless with sharp collar, in a sober colour – steel grey stripe.

The one who didn’t ask to get involved but does. She care more for her cats than any one, save for her servants and employees. She always hold her head up high with confidence; little do they know that it’s only a facade. The only successor of her family’s legacy. The sole proprietor of the Feline Radiant Unfettered Sanctuary aka Cats R US.

A little adventurous in more ways than one, values her own liberty, and she has the constant need to learning any lore she can find. Her conscience is a constant battle whether she would care for what others expect of her.

Dreamer In the Wandering Abyss

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