Midday Emerald

Tengese noblewoman, trade envoy to The West


Midday Emerald is a petite woman in her early twenties. She has a heart shaped face, with high cheek bones and a pointed chin. Her eyes are dark and mesmerizing, slightly slanting upwards towards her thick and naturally arched eyebrows. Her nose is pert, and her full lips are often curved upward into a cheery smile. Her hair, voluminous and black as the midnight sky,is kept loose and flows past her shoulders.

Her dress is made of high-quality silk and adorned with jewelry made of silver, diamonds, and pearls, and a sari is worn over it as is customary for her people. A sheer veil made of finely woven silk covers hear head and shoulders, giving her an exotic and mysterious air. She stands tall and moves with grace, her bearing definitely regal, and yet her charming smile and eyes draw people towards her as she appears to be someone who can easily be your friend.

Character Sheet


Midday Emerald is the daughter of Prince Kiotaran and Golden Slipper, current ruler and consort of An-Teng’s Middle Lands. As the prince’s only daughter, Midday lived a happy childhood, pampered and cared for by her parents and guardians. Growing up, she showed great interest in the affairs of the kingdom and the welfare of the people, often sneaking out from the palace to roam around the city of Prosperous Garden, mingling with the common folk and giving out her allowance to the poor and needy.
She also shared the same scholastic nature as her father and her uncle, often taking trips to Sapphire to visit its libraries and occasionally listen to a lecture in one of the city’s prominent schools in secret (much to the disapproval and consternation of her parents). Her beauty, kindness, and keen mind is renowned in the entire satrapy, as well as the fact that she has refused all offers of marriage from her myriad of suitors. This has caused quite a headache for Prince Kiotaran, as he has been under pressure lately from Ragara Soras Jor to have Midday marry into his family by pairing her with one of his sons.


During one of her trips to Sapphire, Midday chanced upon an ancient manuscript detailing accounts of life in the Creation prior to the Usurpation. As she grew more and more entranced by story in the manuscript, she suddenly felt a rush of vivid memories of a woman ruling a city in the middle of a vast ocean. Overwhelmed by these memories, she fell unconscious and dreamt of having a conversation with a man with four arms, each bearing an item: a lance, a shield, a laurel branch, and a horn.

The man introduced himself as the Unconquered Sun, mightiest of the Celestial Incarna and supreme god of Creation. He then told Midday that she has been chosen by him as one of his champions, a Lawgiver, and she has been tasked to uplift the people of Creation back from the darkness and return them to the light. Awakening from the strange dream, she then felt different, as if divine power flowed through her veins. Putting her faith in the Unconquered Sun, she returned to her father’s city in order to convince him to let her go in order for her to accomplish what was asked of her.

Midday Emerald

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