Bellicose Omen of Triumphant Silence


Bellicose Omen of Triumphant Silence was born somewhere in Nexus. He isn’t entirely sure where. His parents died when he was very young a victim of some sort of plague that somewhere in Firewander. He engaged in petty crime as a child falling into a group of other children in some form of gang. They were wiped out by something that wandered out of a Wyld pocket. He then did odd jobs for mercenary companies not actually becoming a member of any.

Omen found he had the knack for finding things and solving crimes. He hired himself out as an investigator and got himself an education with what he made.

He now works as a bounty hunter and investigator based in Nexus. Bellicose Omen of Triumphant Silence made a name for himself doing jobs not entirely suited for the mercenary companies there. Missing persons, items, and odd crimes are his specialty. His clients include the Guild, various businessmen, the mercenary companies, and on some occasions, even the Council. He also keeps a good relationship with the local thieves guild and occasionally does some jobs for them as well.

He is usually dressed in plain, utilitarian leathers, more for function than form. Over this he wears a hooded cloak both to keep the weather away and for sneaking around. He wears a utilitarian belt with the tools of his trade: rope, lock picks, flint, among others. He also wears a brace of knives, and what looks to be a slashing sword in an engraved leather scabbard on his waist.

The only real ornament and not entirely visible at that is a gold and silver clasp for his cloak. It’s shaped like an owl with the head slightly larger in terms of proportion. Unbeknownst to others, it is a recent addition, inspired from his Anima Banner.

Bellicose Omen of Triumphant Silence

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