Resplendent Harmony / Sordid Crow


Has a Neomah Demoness named Ling-Ling.

Character Sheet:


Before Exaltation

Resplendent Harmony is a young playboy noble of average standing and significant wealth, making him quite the fixture in many high society functions in the Nexus. He’s easy on the eyes, lovely to listen to and a welcome sight for many social events.

What people don’t know however is that Resplendent Harmony a revolutionary poet with acidic words for the corrupt and the powerful. Writing scathing missives and ardent criticism against abuses of power under the pseudonym of “Sordid Crow”.

His vicious insight and cutting eloquence was sufficient to discredit members of High Society in the eyes of their peers, and cause a local riot in a factory where the owner was found to be abusive of his workers.

It was in the middle of the night when Resplendent Harmony was penning his most vitriol-laden diatribe against a Slaver of the Guild did he realize that the light he was writing by was not from a candle, but from his very soul. Taking it as a sign of divine approval, he redoubled his efforts and watched with satisfaction the next day from his vantage point in a balcony of an artist enclave as the Slaver was hauled out into the public square and lynched.

Resplendent Harmony / Sordid Crow

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