About the Campaign

Radiant Hero Vassals: Resurgence is a White Wolf's Exalted Third edition system campaign using the Second edition lore. A reboot of Second Dawn, the original shared world campaign of Storytellers worldbringer and Gelo, the story revolves around two groups of newly Exalted Solars: one located in the Eastern city of Nexus, the other in the high seas of the West. The story of RHV: Resurgence is currently being told by Rolus (Nexus Solars campaign) and DaveAflaris (Western Solars campaign)

List of current Player Characters

Nexus Solars

Bellicose Omen of Triumphant Silence - bounty hunter and private investigator, Night Caste
Dreamer In the Wandering Abyss – renowned exotic cat breeder, Twilight Caste
Fuuma Raya – young patrician noble, Zenith Caste
Maiden of Night and Mist – repentant assassin, Night Caste
Sapphire Blossom – Madame of The Dreaming Palace of Desire, Eclipse Caste
Ruby Flame-Eyes – Cult of the Illuminated warrior-sorcerer, Dawn Caste

Western Solars

About the Campaign

Radiant Hero Vassals: Resurgence Rolus