Feline Radiant Unfettered Sanctuary

eline Radiant Unfettered Sanctuary is a shop in the front corner of the mansion.

The estate is owned by Dreamer In the Wandering Abyss. The mansion is facing north equipped with a fairly large living room, study, library, music room, open courtyard with a pool in the middle, a large dining room, kitchen, dinette, and covered porch leading towards the stables. The second floor is where you'll find guest rooms, a family den, master bedroom, master bath, and a sun room in the east corner.

From the outside, this mansion looks well maintained. It has been built with light gray stone bricks and white trimmings. Tall, grand windows allow enough light to enter the home and have been added to the mansion in a fairly symmetrical pattern. 

A large open grounds to the west of the mansion for her animals to roam around. The stable is where she keeps and breed the animals for the shop.

Dreamer's Estate

Underneath the mansion, contains a large safe where Dreamer keeps her valuables.

Feline Radiant Unfettered Sanctuary

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