The East

The East is an Exalted campaign which tells the story of six Solar Exalts trying to establish themselves as figures of importance in the Eastern direction of Creation. Their tale begins in the city of Nexus, where chance (or Fate) brought these unique individuals together for a common goal.

  1. Main Characters
  2. Minor Characters
  3. Places of Importance
  4. Events

Main Characters

Bellicose Omen of Triumphant Silence

“Fixer” ― selling his services for the Nexus mercenary companies
Dreamer In the Wandering Abyss

Business woman in Nexus seeking to take her craft to the highest level.
Fuuma Raya

Young girl who ran away from her patrician house family in the Blessed Isle after her Exaltation deemed her as an Anathema.
Maiden of Night and Mist

Child assassin seeking to run away from her past
Sapphire Blossom

Brothel owner who openly lives as a Solar in Nexus after receiving her Exaltation in the middle of the Nexus district
Ruby Flame-Eyes

Young member of the Cult of the Illuminated in Nexus

Minor Characters

Places of Importance


Arc 1 – The Daughter of Nexus


The East

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